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The importance of adding a QR code to your Oil Change / Lube Sticker that links to your website is that your website is the best way to brand your company. There is no better way to let your customers know about your company than a professional website. You’ve spent a significant amount of money creating a website that it would be considered an error to not promote your site on every marketing avenue you employ. And Oil Change Service Stickers are one of the best tools to promote your business. When your use high quality oil stickers that allows for perfect Photoshop quality graphics, adding a QR code that links to your phone formatted website is an excellent way to show that you are up to speed on the best way to keep communications open between you and your customers. When they scan the QR code on your custom designed oil change sticker, not only are the impress with the sticker itself, they will get a sense of anticipation when they scan it for the first time.

Besides branding your company, a QR code can link to any page on your website. So if you have an online schedule page, the code can link right to it allowing your customer to view their oil sticker and realize its time to schedule and then just scan the sticker and voilà, your customer are on their phone scheduling their next service.

The proper custom designed oil sticker can do a lot more than just remind the customer when the next service is due. With a full color oil sticker with custom photoshop quality graphics which incorporates a QR code, you are expressing to your customer that you go the extra mile in professional appearance and offering a top notch service.

Our custom lube labels go far beyond the ordinary and only those that want to put their best foot forward understand that quality also needs to meet price. We are happy to say that we go above and beyond in making our custom oil stickers the lowest priced oil sticker on the market today. When you consider the quality of the material, the quality of the printing, and low price of only 13¢ each for 1000 stickers, its any wonder why anyone would use any other oil sticker.