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Welcome to is an automotive promotional products supplier specializing is Custom Oil Change Stickers that we design, print and ship in-house. We aslo carry custom designed Vinyl Banners, as well as 15ft Feather Flags, Industry Signs, Customized Invoices, Industry Forms & Protective Floor Mats.

Our journey is an interesting one. We began in 2011 as a supplier for the Smog Testing Industry, supplying “Smog Shops” with the replacement parts and products needed for testing vehicles as required by California to maintain their shops compliancy, as well as all promotional products needed to help these shops market themselves, and Automotive Invoices & Forms. When the smog testing industry changed to just an OBD test, we changed with it and focused on just promotional products. As we transitioned or focus, we discovered a major flaw in the Oil Change Reminder Sticker industry, which lead us to bringing that product in-house. Our missions was to offer a full color custom design that was exactly what the customer wanted while also being a very effective marketing piece, at a price point beating the generic sticker on the market. We are proud to say we are the only company offering a full custom design that is compatible with Print Kit.