Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are our office hours?
A: Our company in located in California. Our office phone hours are from 8am to 4pm.
We strive to answer the phone in a timely manner, however, please leave a message and we will call you back right away.

Q: What does custom sticker design really mean?
A: We use Photoshop to create your custom oil sticker design, so graphically, pretty much anything goes. If you want something out of the ordinary? Just give us a call.  For the most part, the shape of your logo and the content (Data /Info) you want included is what we use to determine the layout so that it makes the most sense visually for the customer. This is a marketing tool, so we create a design that compliments your service and any existing marketing that we find on the web. That's right - We conduct a bit of online research on each of our customers to see if they have a web page, a Facebook page, Images of your shop, etc. This gives us a feel for the type of font to use and can steer the design a certain way.



Q: What artwork format is acceptable for my logo?
A: The best format is PDF. Any Original Adobe File (PSD, AI, EPS) is ideal. Large Jpeg (200kb or larger)
NOTE: An image (picture) of your business card is not acceptable. Saving a small image as a PDF doesn't work either.



Q: What pen works best if I just want to hand write instead of purchasing a printer?

A: The special coating we use for our print process also has the effect of making SHARPIE PENS instantly permanent.
You can touch what you wrote as soon as you write it and it will not smudge.



Q: Will I get a Proof?
A: YES!  Typically, within 1-2 days of purchase, you will receive a proof via email. The image will pasted into the body of the email. It will be a screenshot of the actual Photoshop saved file.

Q: How long after I approve the proof does my order ship?
A: We strive to ship your approved order within 1-2 business days.

Q: Oil Print Kit: Does it plug into my computer?
A: NO!  This is a stand alone print kit. Your design is preprogrammed. It just needs a power outlet. You put it where it makes the most sense.

Q: Is it OK to use the printer in the shop?
A: Yes. The keyboard has a protective cover the key it from getting dirty. However, keep the printer in a place that minimizes getting dirty as dirt over time can affect the performance, just like any printer on the market. 

Q: What type of Printer is it?
A: As with ALL oil change print kits on the market, our Oil Change Print Kit is a thermal ribbon printer. The data (date/miles etc.) is printed by a heat transfer process from the black wax ribbon that sits on top of the pre-printed stickers. While the sticker artwork/design is permanent and cannot fade or smear, the black thermal wax can be affected by excessive heat or acidic cleaning chemicals. Simply by the nature of wax ribbon, they are susceptible to harsh chemicals or if the car gets over 100 degrees and you "touch or rub" your finger across the black wax, it may smear.

Two things we do to be better than our competition, and they work together: Our stickers use a special coating for our print process that creates viscosity (microscopic peaks and valleys), that allows the thermal ribbon to seep into the coating minimizing the possibility of smearing. We also slow down the printer and increase the density of the heat transfer to add more wax to the surface. 

It is foolproof?
No. No thermal wax ribbon is. This is why we pre-print the entire design so that your company info will never fade or smear / smudge.  Our competition uses a much smoother, slippery type sticker and all you get is a logo at the top. They make the printer print all your company and sticker info in just black. And since the surface is very slippery, it prevents the black wax to seat on the surface, allowing it to smear upon a touch or wiped off completely with a cleaning chemical. At least with our formulation, your design is permanent, and the black print will have a better chance of remaining visible.

Q: Does the Oil Print Kit come with a Warranty?
A: YES! The TTP-225 Oil Print Kit comes standard with a 2 Year warranty. Any issues are resolve over the phone via taking over your computer or worst case, you mail it to the manufacturer for service. They will repair it and ship it back. 

Q: Do Stickers Ship Free including the Print Kit?
A: YES!  Shipping is included for the print kit. The sticker will ship via the US Postal Service. The printer will ship via USPS GROUND. Shipping time depends on your location.  We are set up to ship to a business for costs. If you have it shipped to your home, there may be surcharges.

Q: Can I send you print ready artwork?
A: YES! PDF and TIFF are acceptable. Format the file: 2" x 2",  .0625" imaginary margin,  No Bleed, no edge-to-edge printing, 300DPI. CMYK.

Q: Forms / Invoices - Can we add our company info?
A: Yes. The forms are customized for your company information and can have a logo left or with of the company imprint. the imprint will all one color (Black, Red, Green or Blue).