Automotive Vinyl Banner Advertising - Cost Effective Branding!

Jun 24th 2015

Auto Repair Industry: 
Where to place Vinyl banners in Car Dealerships and the Auto Repair Shops, Oil Change Stations, and Car Washes. 

Having large banners outside of your business definitely catches the eye of customers. But be careful not to cause confusion by placing your banner in hard to see places. Indoor banners should lure customers inside and strike interest for customers to ask for more information of the products you are advertising.

Cost Efficient: Vinyl banners are an affordable way to your business or venue without breaking the bank. They can be ordered individually or in bulk – the more you order the greater your discount.

Customization: There are many possibilities when creating a custom banner. Take the time to choose the best message for you, color combinations, fonts and stunning graphics to help make your banner stand out from the rest. This gives you the freedom to make your statement exactly how you want it in a way to draw customer’s attention.

Getting the message across: Most people will only have a handful of seconds to retain your message, so keep in mind that your central message should be prominent. Try to keep your banner simple, clean, and not to clutter as it may distract from your focal point. Remember sometimes less is more.

Durability: Vinyl banners are great for both indoor and outdoor use and are made of a durable vinyl material that is weather proof. They are lightweight and can be easily moved.

Events or Temporary Usage: Because vinyl banners are cost-effective you may consider it when having a family reunion, a sale, birthday party, short term promotion, or anything else for that matter. Having it being lightweight, you can easily store it for next year’s event as well.

Here are some great ways to utilize custom banners:

  • -Automotive Repair Shops
  • -Oil Change Stations
  • -Car Washes
  • -Car Dealerships 

A bright vibrant vinyl banner will almost guarantee to grab attention and leave a lasting memorable impression to boost your business or venue. Whether you’re a small business or a big corporation, custom vinyl banner provide a solution to all your advertising needs.