TTP-225 Oil Change Print Kit Reprogramming w/ Mico SD Card

 Do you already own the TTP-225 Oil Change Print Kit from another vendor?


There are thousands of these oil print kits in shops throughout the United States

that are using inferior Slick-To-The-Touch Generic labels.

  • Do your stickers SMEAR to the touch?  Want something better? 

The TSC TTP-225 Oil Change Print Kit is easy to reprogram and you don't have to send us the printer.
We send you an Micro SD Card along with your new custom Stickers. 

There is a good change you already have the correct model software that allows you to choose the 
Micro SD Memory so that you can upgrade to Fully Customize Oil Change Sticker Design to your specifications and Logo. 


Why Settle For Generic when you can have
Pre-Printed Custom Designed Stickers!

For a one time programming fee of $39.00, you too can promote your business the way it 
was meant to be. 
We take care of everything! 


Just check the Option for Reprogramming and the fill out the rest of your business info
and attach your logo. For best results, 
please attache "high resolution" image so we can
make your 
Sticker the best it can be!
If you have a website - we can ad a QR code for Cell Phones.